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Tufting workshop: Everything You Will Need to Make a Rug

What exactly is tufting? 

We all have seen a tufted rug in our lifetime. However, rug tufting have suddenly become popular within the TikTok community, people have been trending with their cool tufting projects.

Tufting essentials

To begin tufting rugs. You can’t just take one look at your rug and suddenly understand the whole process, you have to gather the proper materials, and there are five specific items to keep in mind when starting your tufting work.

Tufting Gun

This handy tool is responsible for attaching your yarn and pattern to the Monks cloth. When deciding what kind of tufting gun to buy, the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of style you want for your rug. There are two options:

  • Cut Pile – With ends of the fibers trimmed off, giving the rug a wild, shaggy appearance.
  • Loop Pile – The fibers are tight and woven, leaving no strand unchecked. It is not as soft but gives off a more formal appearance. 

Tufting Cloth

Tufting cloth acts as the base for your project and where all the yarn will stitch on. It is necessary to know the two main types of cloth you’ll be working with, and when to use them.

We first have the Primary Tufting Cloth – This is the standard material used for tufting. It is recognizable by the marked lines and used to guide beginners with their ideal patterns and line placements. It is also known to be quite durable to prevent any ripping from pressurised stitching.

Next, we have  the backing cloth, you will apply this cloth near the end and place it on the back of the tufted rug.


Tufting Yarn

Here comes the part of the tufting process that depends on your taste and preference. Choosing your yarn opens up a whole field of opportunities for how the rug will turn out. Levels of thickness, fragility, and softness come into play, so you’ll want to know what’s the right one.

Here at About You Studio, we use Wool rug yarn. You can never go wrong with a yarn that traditional rug-crafters have been using for centuries. It is durable, fire-resistant, and environment-friendly. On average, this type of yarn can last for about three years before weakening.


Tufting Frame

So far, you have the base and most of the important tools to begin your project. The next thing you need will be the rug tufting frame. Here at About You Studio, we use 70x70 large tufting frame. For frames, in fact, the larger it is, the easier for you to tuft them out.


The Extras

After completed your tufted rug, you will have to glue them and cut them out before give them a slight trimming. After which, you will have the final tufted rug!